Silver Mink Leopard Print Top


Introducing our eco-chic silver mink leopard print top, a fusion of fierce style and sustainable elegance. Crafted conscientiously from Viscose LENZING™ECOVERO™, this top embodies a commitment to both fashion and the planet.

The mesmerizing silver mink hue, intricately adorned with a striking leopard print, offers a daring yet sophisticated aesthetic. Designed with a focus on sustainability, this top redefines glamour while honoring our responsibility towards the environment.

The thoughtful ruched cuffs add a touch of playful sophistication, ensuring this piece stands out as a testament to both impeccable style and eco-consciousness. The fabric's luxurious softness and breathability make it a joy to wear, promising comfort without compromising on fashion-forward flair.

Elevate your wardrobe with this silver mink leopard print top and make a statement that transcends trends, championing sustainability with every step. Perfect for any occasion, from casual chic to upscale elegance, this top embodies the harmony of fashion, nature, and ethical craftsmanship.

Join the movement toward sustainable fashion without sacrificing an ounce of glamour. Embrace the allure of the wild with this Viscose LENZING™ECOVERO™ top, where style meets sustainability in every stitch.