Wholesome World Cookbook & Life by Freyja Hanstein


herbivore | vegetarian | pescatarian | omnivore

I, Freyja, am a brain cancer survivor, and created this wholesome book to help you learn how to set a new path towards improving your health from all different aspects of your life. I want to share life science insights through optimising nutritional, physical and mental platforms.

My life stretches to looking further than the primary ingredients, and includes understanding and love for the ocean and natural surroundings shared through chapters loaded by the amazing The Eden Project, Riverford Organics.

Wholesome World was created to share a plethora of health focused recipes, following a decade of research surrounding how your diet and lifestyle cannot only support your immune system, but also enhance it.

We have all heard about superfoods and their benefits, but why are they ‘super’ and how can you easily incorporate them into your daily diet with minimal effort required?

It was a battle with brain cancer that inspired Freyja to become passionate about her approach to wellness, and share her findings through Wholesome World with everyone, to help them maintain and enhance their health; to avoid or battle cancer.

This is not just a cookbook; it’s a library of resources and fascinating insight to benefit both yourself and the environment we live in. Your surroundings affect how you feel as much as your food. The salubrious choices you make in the mental, physical and nutritional parts of life all interact and nourish your health – supported by the help and understanding of the medical insights. Every aspect of life is entwined and symbiotic.

Every recipe is strongly researched and gives both personal and nutritional overviews, and the book is full of love from start to finish.

The recipes have been deliciously tested, tasted galore and this cookbook created in line with Falmouth University and Plymouth University.