You Make Me Proud: Inspirational Quotes and Motivational Sayings to Celebrate Success and Perseverance


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Show someone how truly amazing they are with the gift of the sparkling quotations and empowering affirmations in this pocket-sized collection of positivity

It's always worth celebrating someone who never gives up, who tries their best and looks ahead to even greater goals and better days. This little book, bursting with thoughtful quotes and uplifting mantras, is the perfect way to say to that special someone, "You make me proud."

From the timeless ideas of ancient sages to brilliant insights from modern superstars, these are words of appreciation, encouragement and congratulation for any occasion.

As well as the hard-won wisdom of successful writers, artists and thinkers, this book includes a host of motivational affirmations and daily reminders such as:

- There's nothing you can't do
- You are the creator of your future
- Be proud of who you are and everything you've overcome
- It takes courage to be yourself
- What you do makes a difference